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The one hundred honoree: Pamela L. Trefler

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Pamela L. Trefler

Mass General Giving

Through her tireless commitment and personal philanthropy, Pam Trefler has helped make the Chelsea Colorectal Cancer Screening Program a reality for the Chelsea community. The Chelsea community is disproportionately affected by colorectal cancer, and this program seeks to improve prevention and detection mechanisms for this underserved population. Pam’s dedication to this important effort will mean lives saved and lengthened through preventative screenings and accurate diagnoses.

Patients in Chelsea often face critical barriers to colon cancer screening, including language barriers, lack of child care, transportation difficulties, misunderstandings about colonoscopies, insurance issues, and a lack of support systems. The Chelsea Colorectal Cancer Screening Program addresses these challenges by providing navigators: individuals who can help at-risk patients identify and overcome any barriers to accessing care and make each encounter with the stresses of the healthcare system more manageable.

Through the generous partnership of Pam and other donors, initiatives like the Chelsea Colorectal Cancer Screening Program make a vital impact on patients and families in underserved communities every day. Her championship of the program highlights its effectiveness and encourages growth and expansion of these important efforts.