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The one hundred honoree: The Office of Congressman Mike Capuano

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The one hundred honoree: The Office of Congressman Mike Capuano

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Currently serving his tenth term, Congressman Mike Capuano is proud to represent Boston’s great medical schools and teaching hospitals, and is a strong defender of both the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. His office also serves as a source of support and advocacy for patients and families facing immigration difficulties.

Issues Director Kate Auspitz has become the face of the work being done in Congressman Capuano’s office on behalf of Mass General Cancer Center patients. Kate and her colleagues frequently help Cancer Center patients who have complicated immigration issues, leveraging the power of the office to address these issues and allow loved ones to be in the U.S. during treatment and recovery. The office advises on necessary paperwork and uses all available Department of State and Homeland Security channels to advocate on behalf of patients whom they recognize as their constituents. Quite often, these efforts result in patients and their families feeling assured of their status in the United States or families being reunited.

The Oncology Social Work staff has high praise for the work Kate and her colleagues are doing in Congressman Capuano’s office. “Kate has been immediately responsive (seriously, within seconds at times) and supportive to any request.” Another oncology social worker adds, “She went above and beyond for every case that I had. Her knowledge and expertise were so valuable every step of the way.”

In addition to the work being done for patients and families, the office is also helping to ensure that the best and brightest researchers and scientists from outside the U.S. are able to obtain visas to continue their work in the U.S. Congressman Capuano has introduced legislation to ensure that the U.S. remains open to these talented minds.