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The one hundred honoree: Norbert J. Liebsch, MD, PhD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Norbert J. Liebsch, MD, PhD

Mass General Giving

Norbert J. Liebsch, MD, PhD, treats patients with extremely rare tumors at Mass General. His patients come from all over the world, and they arrive sharing a feeling of great fear and isolation. Here, they meet other patients facing similar challenges and learn they are not alone.

Dr. Liebsch encourages patients to find joy while they are in treatment, which adds to the sense of rejuvenation they feel in obtaining expert, compassionate care from a renowned physician who can help them.

“Patients gain a sense of hope when they meet Dr. Liebsch, who listens to each patient with great compassion and attention and thoroughly educates each person about his or her disease and treatment options,” says Kathy Selleck, RN. “Patients grow in confidence as they learn about their disease and undergo treatment with Dr. Liebsch, who is dedicated to each individual. I see patients bloom under Dr. Liebsch’s care.”