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MGH Fund Raises Record-Setting $10.3 Million

Mass General’s Alberto Puig, MD, PhD, (left) speaks with Frederick and Ann Lynn at The Power of Ten, a recent event to celebrate the MGH Fund’s impact. Mr. Lynn is a member of the MGH Fund Leadership Council.

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MGH Fund Raises Record-Setting $10.3 Million

Thanks to the partnership and generosity of our donors, the MGH Fund’s five-year goal to double its annual fundraising target has been accomplished, and then some.

Ellen Barlow
December 29, 2018

A record-setting $10.3 million was raised in fiscal year 2018 for the MGH Fund. The total exceeds the challenge made five years ago by the hospital’s president, Peter L. Slavin, MD to double its annual fundraising goal to $10 million, from $5 million.

The MGH Fund provides hospital leadership with critical funds that are not restricted to a specific purpose.

“It’s a phenomenal accomplishment,” Dr. Slavin says of the MGH Fund results. “These funds allow us to quickly respond to unexpected challenges and opportunities, seed innovative ideas and recruit and retain the best medical talent.”

The MGH Fund provides hospital leadership with critical funds that are not restricted to a specific purpose. Gifts to the MGH Fund impact all aspects of the hospital’s mission. That includes patient care, research and innovation, education of the next generation of leaders and commitment to improving the health of diverse communities.

MGH Fund Highlights

Funds have been used, for example, to accelerate research on the CTC-chip, a microchip-based device for detecting and analyzing circulating tumor cells (CTCs) carried in the bloodstream. This technology is revolutionizing the way oncologists detect, monitor and treat cancers, by aiming to detect cancers before they metastasize.

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The MGH Fund has supported for the past two years Capacity Task Force pilot programs, which are aimed at reducing hospital readmission rates. These task forces focus on medicine, pharmacy and case management. If successful, these pilot programs will be implemented as a part of Mass General’s discharge processes.

The MGH Fund also supported a year-long initiative to extend overnight coverage in the Emergency Department. It helped boost research into ethnic disparities in medicine and facilitated a summit to discuss prevention of gun violence.

Close to 17,000 donors – many of whom give loyally to the fund every year — helped the MGH Fund surpass its $10 million goal. Gifts of every level played a role.

Aiming Even Higher

The achievement was celebrated Nov. 28, 2018 at an event hosted by President’s Council and MGH Fund Leadership Council member, Ofer Nemirovsky, and his wife, Shelly. Dubbed The Power of Ten, the event celebrated the impact of the $10 million raised and the incredible power of philanthropy. Guests toured 10 rooms in the Nemirovsky home. In each room, Mass General physicians, researchers and other hospital leaders talked about how the MGH Fund has made their work possible.

“At the MGH, we do the the ordinary exceptionally well.”

The MGH Fund is aiming even higher in fiscal 2019 and work is well underway to achieve its $12 million goal.

For his part, Dr. Slavin thinks undertaking such challenges helps to fulfill the high expectations that friends and supporters of Mass General have. “At the MGH, we do the ordinary exceptionally well,” he says, quoting the esteemed director of clinical cardiology emeritus, Roman DeSanctis, MD. “But we exist to do the extraordinary.”

For more information or to donate to the MGH Fund, please contact us.