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The one hundred honoree: Marnie and Jeffrey Kaufman

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Marnie and Jeffrey Kaufman

Mass General Giving

When Marnie Kaufman was diagnosed in 2004 with adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC), a rare and little-understood type of head and neck cancer, she learned that there were no effective chemotherapies available, and virtually no ongoing research. She and her husband, Jeffrey, refused to accept this situation, and instead decided to actively alter the medical research landscape. With no medical, technical or scientific background, the couple single-handedly launched an organization dedicated to the study of ACC. The Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation is the result of their tireless and devoted efforts. Since its inception in 2006, the foundation has grown exponentially, becoming a key leader in the field of ACC research.

Today, the foundation’s scientific board is comprised of renowned professionals from institutions like Mass General, Dana-Farber, Johns Hopkins, Harvard and MIT. Due largely to Marnie and Jeffrey’s continued dedication, the foundation has raised millions of dollars and funded encouraging projects in areas including clinical trials, genomics, cell lines and bio-banking at institutions around the world.