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The one hundred honoree: Mark Udovitch

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The one hundred honoree: Mark Udovitch

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Before donating his hair to make wigs for cancer patients, Mark Udovitch used his flowing locks to impersonate celebrities in a hilarious effort to raise funds for cancer patients.

Johnny Depp. Kim Kardashian. Kate Middleton. Just a few of the celebrities who’ve been impersonated in photos by Mark Udovitch. Styling his long hair to look just like the hair of celebrities, he started posting the photos on Facebook to create awareness of the struggle faced by cancer patients, but ended up becoming a social media sensation himself. All 61 celebrity impersonations can be found on the Dry July Shave Off’s Facebook ( and Instagram pages (@DryJulyShaveOff).

Mark has a very special knowledge of these struggles, because along with being a celebrity impersonator, he is also a radiation therapist. The idea of shaving his head and donating his hair first came to him when he was working with a female patient. Having undergone a mastectomy, the woman broke down during her radiation treatment, explaining that losing her hair was extremely psychologically distressing. In fact, she said, losing her hair was worse than losing her breast. Mark was struck by this, especially when the woman told him that wig libraries for patients only had synthetic and fake-looking wigs.

This solidified his decision to “stop getting haircuts and grow my hair out to be shaved for a wig library.” Other members of the Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre in Sydney joined Mark in the effort, continuing to raise money and awareness while generating some much-needed laughter.