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The one hundred honoree: Margaret White

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Margaret White

Mass General Giving

Margaret White became my patient in February 2010 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. We first thought her tumor would be curable with proton treatment, chemotherapy and surgery, but after finding that her disease had spread, we realized that proton radiation and resection were not options. Of course, this was a huge disappointment to Margaret, her family and her care team.

Margaret had high hopes for proton beam therapy, which has done wonders for the children she serves as director of Family Support for Sherry’s House, and its companion program Why Me, a beautiful residence and support program for families with children in treatment for cancer.

Margaret’s son Jason died of leukemia when he was seven years old. She has channeled her grief and love into serving the kids and parents at Sherry’s House, whom she regards as part of her own family.

Even as she faces her own life-threatening cancer, Margaret brings joy to our clinic and to Sherry’s House, where she shares an even deeper bond with the kids. Margaret and her young patients fuel each others’ courage and spirit.

—Eunice Kwak, MD, PhD