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The one hundred honoree: Lynne Graziano Morin

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Lynne Graziano Morin

Mass General Giving

In May 2009, Lynne Graziano Morin celebrated her 41st birthday, her 40th year as a cancer survivor and her 16th year since a second cancer diagnosis. At Lynne’s request, her friends and relatives donated to the Mass General Cancer Center’s Blum Cancer Resource Room and The Network for Patients and Families.

Twelve years ago, Lynne joined what was then a fledgling survivor advocacy movement. She began as a volunteer, but now works as community outreach manager for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Lynne also continues her volunteer advocacy. From its start, Lynne has been a member of the Cancer Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Board. She is a long-time member and now board member of the New England Coalition of Cancer Survivors. Lynne participates in The Network for Patients and Families, a support program that matches patients with cancer survivors. She chaired its survivorship conference and contributes to its newsletter.

“Hurricane Lynne” brings not just energy but also compassion, wisdom and warmth to all these endeavors.