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The one hundred honoree: Lung Cancer Alliance – Massachusetts

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The one hundred honoree: Lung Cancer Alliance – Massachusetts

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Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in the United States. The Lung Cancer Alliance is a nationwide support and advocacy organization serving those living with or at risk of lung cancer.

The co-chairs of Lung Cancer Alliance — Massachusetts are Diane Legg, a lung cancer survivor, and Joanne O’Connor, whose sister died of lung cancer. “Too many are dying needlessly because of the lack of more robust early detection and treatment programs,” says Joanne.

Lung Cancer Alliance — Massachusetts raises awareness about lung cancer and the resources available to patients and also works to change policy. Alliance representatives testified in support of legislation that designated November as Lung Cancer Awareness Month. They also worked with State Senator Susan C. Fargo (D-3rd Middlesex), Senate Chair for the Joint Committee on Public Health, as she authored legislation that directs a portion of the cigarette excise tax to research in the early detection and treatment of lung cancer.