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The one hundred honoree: Lorrie Kubicek, MT-BC

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Lorrie Kubicek, MT-BC

Mass General Giving

Lorrie Kubicek, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist in Mass General’s HOPES Program, which offers patients and their family members free wellness, education and support services that vary from massage and acupuncture to art and music workshops.

Gifted as both a musician and a therapist, Lorrie has a magical effect on her young patients. She can quickly transform a frightened child into a smiling musician. One patient was reluctant to leave the clinic, and Lorrie, like a pied piper, led the child out the door to her waiting parents by singing and dancing — to the delight of adult patients watching in the corridor. Some parents synchronize their children’s treatments with Lorrie’s schedule because she puts their anxious youngsters at ease.

At the pediatric clinic’s annual “Fall for the Arts” event, Lorrie led a group performance that involved even the quietest and most shy children. All are enthralled by the spell Lorrie casts as a musician and therapist.