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The one hundred honoree: Lorraine A. Walsh, RN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Lorraine A. Walsh, RN

Mass General Giving

Charlie Kapustin, age nine, traveled with his family from North Carolina to Boston, where he began six weeks of treatment at Mass General’s Francis H. Burr Proton Center. When Charlie and his mother entered the center, the first person to welcome them was Lorraine Walsh, RN.

“From the moment we arrived,” recalls Dana Kapustin, “Lorraine was our ray of sunshine. She immediately made us feel comfortable. She is gentle, caring and so real.”

Lorraine cares for adult and pediatric patients with patience, kindness and a sense of humor. She is gifted at helping her young patients relax and gain their bearings as they begin treatment. She also encompasses their families with her warm and attentive care.

Lorraine combines superb clinical expertise with an ability to communicate honestly and sensitively with her patients. She nurtures trusting relationships with the children and their parents, who find that their weeks of treatment are less arduous with Lorraine by their side. “Lorraine was our daily source of medicine, love and warmth,” says Dana.