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The one hundred honoree: Linda Rivera

Innovation Story

The one hundred honoree: Linda Rivera

Mass General Giving

“Throughout my twice-weekly chemotherapy for multiple myeloma at Mass General, clinical research coordinator Linda Rivera has given me reliable medical care coupled with compassion.

Linda’s demeanor toward me and my loved ones is always characterized by warmth and respect. She is highly organized and makes sure that I understand my medications and schedules. She answers all my questions or quickly obtains the information from others.

I recall one particularly awful day — weeks into treatment. My assigned nurse was out and another struggled to insert the IV. Just as I broke down crying, emotionally brittle from steroids, Linda appeared and minutes later returned with a nurse who easily completed the insertion. Linda’s vigilant and kind care helps me maintain my equilibrium. She doesn’t just do her job. She always strives in every way to nurture the well-being of her patients.”

— Kathleen Bartone