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The one hundred honoree: Kimberly Shannon, RN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Kimberly Shannon, RN

Mass General Giving

TC Cheever spent his final weeks on Lunder 9 at Mass General, surrounded by loving friends and family, before passing away from a long fight against pancreatic cancer. Alongside his loved ones was Kimberly Shannon, RN, BSN, working to keep his pain to a minimum while supporting his grieving family.

Gillian, TC’s partner, shares, “We were going through what were some of the most difficult moments of our lives, and Kim continually made us feel at ease and at home. She cared for TC in the gentlest, most dignified way possible. She understood that he was facing his last days, and even though he had transitioned to hospice care in the same hospital room, she still came and checked on him as often as she would have if she was still taking vital signs.”

Whether it was learning the names of TC’s three young children, having carts of food brought to the floor for the crowds of visitors and family or simply making sure she could relieve his anxiety, Kim’s focus on patient care and preserving dignity allowed TC and his family to manage his final days as comfortably as possible.

Says Steve Hoey, TC’s best friend, “Kimberly Shannon brought more light and love to his hospital room than I can possibly describe. She is a fighter in the trenches of the cancer war — and she deserves a medal.”