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The one hundred honoree: Kevin Andrew Raskin, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Kevin Andrew Raskin, MD

Mass General Giving

Melissa DeLisle and her husband first met Kevin Raskin, MD, an orthopaedic oncology surgeon at Mass General, right after learning that their two year old, Alana Rose, had cancer. Dr. Raskin calmed the stunned parents. “He gave us hope,” says Melissa. “We knew that Alana was in good hands.”

Diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in her left tibia, Alana underwent limb-sparing surgery and chemotherapy followed by multiple trips back to the operating room. Five years later, she is a healthy, happy and fully ambulatory seven year old.

“Dr. Raskin’s surgical skills are extraordinary,” says Melissa, “but he is also gifted at putting his patients and their families at ease. Alana adores and trusts him. Their bond helped her get through years of surgery, crutches and casts.”

Alana wrote, “Dr. Raskin is my friend. He jokes with me and lets me put tattoos on him. Dr. Raskin helps people get better and walk. Now I can run like my friends. Dr. Raskin lets me look at my X-rays with him and always tells me the truth. We have fun together.”