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The one hundred honoree: Kenneth Vu

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Kenneth Vu

Mass General Giving

A linear accelerator delivers high-energy x-rays to a patient’s tumor. An extremely advanced piece of technology, it requires close monitoring to ensure proper dose and direction. In the Department of Radiation Oncology at Mass General , senior linear accelerator engineer Kenneth “Kenny” Vu stands out among his peers.

Kenny collaborates closely with radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and physicists to ensure that critical clinical equipment, particularly the linear accelerators, deliver reliable and accurate treatment to hundreds of patients each day. Knowledgeable and proficient in his work,he often helps other engineers with questions or issues they encounter. Recently, Kenny received the Radiation Oncology Excellence Award in Teamwork in the category of IT/Engineering.

“Kenny has become a great resource for the therapists,” says nominator William Hazeltine. “He is always quick to answer pages and truly cares about getting the patients treated in a safe and timely manner. He works hard and is clear in his communication between the engineering team and the therapists. He has set himself apart in many ways.”