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The one hundred honoree: Kathleen Blais, RN, BS, OCN

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Kathleen Blais, RN, BS, OCN

Mass General Giving

“Some cancer patients say their cancer was a blessing. Not me. However, the Mass General infusion nurse who accompanied me on my journey with stage IV breast cancer has been a blessing. Kathy Blais emanates quiet compassion, and she is as warm and positive with my loved ones as she is with me, educating and reassuring us every step of the way.

Kathy combines vigilant care with a sense of fun. When we met for my first infusion, she determined that my port-a-catheter had been implanted just two days before. She calmly stopped and verified that sufficient time had elapsed before the infusion. I took a stuffed animal, “Lester, the Unchicken Chicken,” to every infusion. One day I left Lester behind. Fearing its loss, Kathy, who was leaving for vacation, took Lester along. She brought back a photo album showing Lester by a pool, wearing sunglasses and riding in a Jeep.

Twelve months after my diagnosis, I had an emergency hospitalization. After her long day of work, Kathy visited me, her radiant smile again reassuring me.”

— Debbera Drake