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The one hundred honoree: Karen Lipshires, RN-BC, MS-HMP

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Karen Lipshires, RN-BC, MS-HMP

Mass General Giving

As chemotherapy order set coordinator for the Clinical Trials Support Team, Karen Lipshires, RN-BC, MS-HMP, is indispensable in maintaining and improving order entry functions and, ultimately, the safety of chemotherapy administration.

Her mastery of the complex electronic chemotherapy order entry system helps the team maintain the highest level of patient safety and accuracy in chemotherapy orders and also enhances the clinical trial team’s ability to capture critical data.

Karen excels at educating and supporting clinicians in the most effective use of the system, and with unflagging patience, guides her colleagues in the logic behind each step of developing flawless orders. Her vigilance and interpersonal skills enable her team to anticipate and avoid potential problems and improve the entire process of chemotherapy administration.

The Clinical Trials Support Team enjoys working with Karen, an extremely pleasant and positive person, and they value her crucial contribution to patient safety and clinical excellence.