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The one hundred honoree: Joseph A. Greer, PhD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Joseph A. Greer, PhD

Mass General Giving

“You often hear people say oncologists are ‘saving lives’ but it is Dr. Joe Greer who actually saves our patients. I often say that I wish I could clone Joe so that each and every patient and family at the Mass General Cancer Center could have the opportunity to meet him,” declares Jennifer Temel, MD, clinical director of Thoracic Oncology at Mass General. As a leading researcher and psychologist, Joseph Greer, PhD, gives patients the skills and resources they need to overcome their cancer fears and worries.

Dr. Greer, associate director of the Cancer Outcomes Research Program, focuses on ensuring that patients and families experience the highest possible quality of life during all phases of cancer care. Through both his compassionate clinical work with patients and his many active research initiatives, his efforts ensure that more patients can partner actively with their cancer providers, and more effectively manage their complex treatment regimens and side effects. With a special concentration on patients and family members who are facing end-of-life concerns, Dr. Greer also works to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms that can interfere with quality of life and self-care for patients.

Says his colleague, staff psychologist Lara Traeger, PhD, “Dr. Greer undoubtedly has made a major impact on the Mass General Cancer Center culture by bringing the psychosocial concerns of our patients to the forefront via impeccable clinical skills and rigorous clinical research.”