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The one hundred honoree: The Jessie Rees Foundation

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The one hundred honoree: The Jessie Rees Foundation

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Never Ever Give Up, NEGU, was the battle cry of 12-year-old cancer patient Jessie Rees. It was her mission to spread that message to as many kids as possible.

The Jessie Rees Foundation was created to ensure that every child fighting cancer has the support to Never Ever Give Up. This foundation believes that every one of these children has a name and a story, and more than $8,000,000 has been raised to encourage children in all 50 states and 32 countries. The foundation lives by its slogan: “we don’t cure cancer… we cure bad days.” This cure comes in the form of JoyJars, which are filled with new toys and games.

Jessie first created her fun-filled JoyJars as a way to send hope and joy to her peers fighting cancer, and personally sent over 3,000 JoyJars to courageous kids during her 10-month fight. Today, over 150,000 JoyJars have been stuffed and sent to kids worldwide in her name. It’s being done by the NEGU All-Star team, a group of Olympians, professional, collegiate and elite youth athletes who use their social media platforms to share Jessie’s NEGU message and support kids in the hospital by visiting them and spreading joy. This team, together with The Jessie Rees Foundation, continues to have a significant impact on countless children and families who are fighting pediatric cancer.

The foundation firmly believes that “until there is a cure, we will care.” The same care that young Jessie envisioned at only 12 years old serves as a constant reminder to Never Ever Give Up.