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The one hundred honoree: Helen A. Shih, MD, MS, MPH

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Helen A. Shih, MD, MS, MPH

Mass General Giving

Helen A. Shih, MD, MS, MPH, is a radiation oncologist in Mass General’s Department of Radiation Oncology. Dr. Shih treats patients with metastatic cancers to the brain. Often her patients receive difficult diagnoses of progressive disease that require further treatment. Dr. Shih handles these challenging conversations with the utmost honesty, compassion and kindness.

She is painstakingly attentive to the details of follow-up care for her patients, ensuring that their care meets both their emotional and medical needs. Her patients and their families constantly express their gratitude to Dr. Shih for her superior patient care.

Dr. Shih has high standards and expects those who work with her to demonstrate the same high level of service. A great role model and mentor to her entire department, Dr. Shih inspires and exemplifies excellence in clinical care.