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The one hundred honoree: Eleanor F. Anbinder

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Eleanor F. Anbinder

Mass General Giving

A decade ago, breast cancer survivor Ellie Anbinder co-founded the non-profit organization Art beCAUSE, which raises seed money for research that has the potential to reduce the environ­mental causes of breast cancer. Ellie chairs the foundation, which has already supported such groundbreaking research as a recent study by the Silent Spring Institute of household exposure risks and another researcher’s examination of a common environmental chemical that may accelerate the growth of breast cancer cells.

Ellie became active in the breast cancer movement shortly after her diagnosis of breast cancer, and her commitment has been steadfast ever since. Before co-founding Art beCAUSE, she served on the first board of directors of the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, actively leading such activities as public relations, fund raising and statewide development. Ellie brings to the cause her professional expertise in sales and marketing as well as her skills in developing networks and customer relationships.