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The one hundred honoree: Don S. Dizon, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Don S. Dizon, MD

Mass General Giving

With his outstanding clinical expertise and a personality to match, Don Dizon, MD, clinical director of Gynecologic Oncology and director of the Oncology Sexual Health Clinic, has been a true beacon of hope for women who are facing the challenges of cancer.

Lisa Geller, a patient of Dr. Dizon, puts it best: “Anyone who has been in the small exam rooms in the Cancer Center knows how daunting the experience of waiting for the doctor can be. The too-bright fluorescent lights, the uncomfortable exam table, the tight space. The waiting is endless, only to see the white coat enter the room bearing, what in my case, always seemed to be bad news. Then suddenly, in the spring of 2015, Dr. Dizon literally blew into my room as a breath of fresh air!”

As a medical gynecological oncologist, Dr. Dizon fights tirelessly to help his patients with a constant awareness of their specific needs that require specialized treatment. Never afraid to try cutting-edge treatments, he suggested immunotherapy to Lisa when all traditional avenues were failing. “I thought I had reached the literal end of my rope,” she says. “I had no more options and prepared myself for the worst.” Working with Mass General staff, Dr. Dizon obtained access to the drug as quickly as possible, without being able to guarantee the result. Remarkably, following two months of treatment, Dr. Dizon walked into Lisa’s exam room, looked into her eyes, and exclaimed, “You’re in remission.”

Lisa happily refers to Dr. Dizon as her bow-tied, bespectacled hero. “Dr. Dizon never gave up on me,” she says. “Even when I did not have a lot of hope for myself.”