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The one hundred honoree: Daniel C. Chung, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Daniel C. Chung, MD

Mass General Giving

With compassion, expertise and diligence, Daniel Chung, MD, has made a tremendous impact in the area of cancer diagnoses for numerous patients who have traveled far for his insight.

Dr. Chung is the clinical chief of Gastroenterology, medical co-director of the Mass General Center for Cancer Risk Assessment and is the director of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Genetics Program. In this role, he leads a team of genetic counselors and physicians in providing genetic counseling and testing services for inherited GI cancer risk, while also engaging in ongoing research that has led to multiple publications analyzing cancer predisposition and prevention.

He is at the forefront of effective screening and prevention strategies for colorectal and stomach cancers, and is actively researching safe and effective methods to screen for pancreatic cancer. His expertise in inherited colorectal cancer syndromes is nationally recognized.

Patients with hereditary cancer risk have unique concerns, and have relied on Dr. Chung to address their particular needs. “Dr. Chung has and continues to be a very valued resource for me,” said one patient. “He helped me understand my specific condition and has answered my many questions with care and compassion.”

Another patient echoed these feelings. “Dr. Chung is an exceptional physician. I am professionally involved in cancer research, and did a great deal of reading on endometrial cancer treatment before meeting with him. I work with a large number of physicians in cancer care in the U.S. and worldwide and it is from both professional and personal experience that I feel Dr. Chung is extraordinary in the care he provides.”