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Cutting Edge Commitment

Ian and Isabelle Loring are generous supporters of Dr. Maus's research.

Donor Story

Cutting Edge Commitment

Ian and Isabelle Loring — co-chairs of the CenterStage gala — share what it means to them to support the cancer research of Marcela Maus, MD, PhD

Mass General Giving
November 9, 2021

Ian and Isabelle Loring have a deep rooted connection to Massachusetts General Hospital. Ian grew up in Boston, and Mass General was where his family received their care. Isabelle, a long-time volunteer, spent years working to advance women’s health at Mass General through the Vincent Memorial Hospital Foundation. But everything changed in 2014, when Isabelle was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Today, the Lorings are leading members of the Mass General philanthropic community, serving on the President’s Council and as co-chairs of the 2022 CenterStage gala to support the Cancer Center. We asked Ian and Isabelle — now in remission — about how their commitment to supporting Mass General changed, and how they feel about supporting the cutting-edge CAR T-cell work of Marcela Maus, MD, PhD.

CAR-T Marcela Maus
Marcela Maus, MD, PhD

Ian: We’d had a long relationship with Mass General, but we were so grateful for the care Isabelle received that we asked how we could do more. We suggested CAR T-cell therapy as a possibility, and, as it happened, they’d just hired Marcela. We met with her and were just floored — by her as a person, by the progress she had made in such a short period of time and by her vision for CAR T-cell therapy. Right away, we knew we wanted to give her the resources to use her creativity.

Isabelle: Supporting Marcela has been so rewarding, for us and for our children. We didn’t know what would happen when we made our commitment. We thought maybe she’d hit on something — but she’s already had such exciting results. It’s been a very collaborative and engaged process, and that’s gotten us even more excited about giving.

Ian: There aren’t that many organizations where your philanthropy can have the kind of impact it can have at Mass General. We’re blessed to have it in our backyard, and it seems only natural to give back.

To learn more about how you can support cell therapy research at Mass General, contact us