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The one hundred honoree: Cheryl Chagnon

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Cheryl Chagnon

Mass General Giving

After a successful fight against lymphoma, Cheryl Chagnon (right) established the Cheryl Chagnon Lymphoma Research Fund in 2002. Cheryl fundraises tirelessly in support of blood cancer research directed by David Scadden, MD, at the MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Over the past seven years, Cheryl, her family and friends have raised more than $215,000 through an annual Dinner for a Cure that draws hundreds of supporters; and participation in the seven-mile Falmouth Road Race, for which Cheryl recruits, trains and leads a pack of sponsored runners.

The majority of funds raised have been used to purchase equipment for the Scadden laboratory. This equipment allows Mass General scientists to conduct their research at a faster pace, speeding the delivery of laboratory results to clinical treatments for blood cancer patients.

While fundraising and advocating on behalf of blood cancer research, Cheryl cares for her family, practices occupational therapy, works toward her masters’ degree and — after nine years in remission — fights a second battle against lymphoma. Incredibly warm and energetic despite the obstacles she faces, Cheryl is making a real difference for blood cancer patients. What’s more, Cheryl inspires her community to join her passionate fight for a cure.