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The one hundred honoree: Central Maine Medical Center Radiation Therapists

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The one hundred honoree: Central Maine Medical Center Radiation Therapists

Mass General Giving

Simply put, the radiation therapy team at the Central Maine Medical Center, a clinical affiliate of Massachusetts General Hospital, personifies patient-centered care.

Nominator Courtney Jensen, MD, medical director of Radiation Oncology, describes why Michael Barry, Mary Bonneau, Cindy Burns, Matthew Charrette, Linda Langlin, Theresa Nadeau and Cori Sanborn deserve to be among the one hundred:

“The team works hard to schedule each patient at their preferred time, juggling many factors—work requirements, transportation shuttle schedules, chemotherapy appointments, and the needs of other patients.

“They are always ready to start early, stay late or work over the lunch hour in order to get patients treated. They go above and beyond to bring smiles to patients: planning group costumes for Halloween, baking artisanal breads to give out for Thanksgiving, blowing bubbles for patients graduating from treatment, and spending their own money to make sure a patient treated late in the day can have a sandwich before going home.”

Dr. Jensen continues: “They exemplify teamwork, working together to make sure unexpected absences never cause delays in patient care and rearranging their work and vacation schedules without complaint. All of this they do while maintaining upbeat and cheerful attitudes that help patients face their own struggles with similar optimism. I couldn’t be more proud of this team.”