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The one hundred honoree: Betty Rafferty, MD

Innovation Story

The one hundred honoree: Betty Rafferty, MD

Mass General Giving

At the Mass General Cancer Center, innovative and compassionate care begins with screening and diagnosis. The Avon Foundation Comprehensive Breast Evaluation Center offers the most advanced breast imaging, surgical screening and pathology services available within a comprehensive approach to evaluation that puts patients first.

Dr. Elizabeth (Betty) Rafferty and her colleagues are renowned experts in the diagnosis and staging of breast cancers using technologies that are transforming breast imaging, such as stereotactic breast biopsies, new tools of nuclear medicine and MGH-patented digital tomosynthesis. Their drive for better, earlier diagnosis has provided patients with the benefits of imaging breakthroughs that detect cancers missed by standard mammography and has greatly reduced false positive results, sparing patients needless anguish.

Avon Center staff members bring the same dedicated, attentive care to their interactions with each patient. “Any encounter between a patient and a nurse or physician can offer reassuring information, comfort and solace or, if handled poorly, cause confusion and despair,” says Betty Ann, Betty’s nominator. “No matter how busy they are, Dr. Rafferty and the team at the Avon Center always take the time to inform anxious patients of their imaging results with great compassion and sensitivity.”