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The one hundred honoree: Annabelle Rie

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Annabelle Rie

Mass General Giving

‘Thank you for helping my Aunt Dee Dee,’ began the first letter I received from Annabelle Rie, then age four. Her aunt, Christine Franzese, is in my care for metastatic breast cancer. Annabelle’s note explained how for her birthday, instead of presents, she had asked her friends and family to donate money for breast cancer research at Mass General.

When Annabelle turned five, she again asked her parents to withhold birthday gifts and donate more money to Mass General for breast cancer research.

Now Annabelle is seven years old and I am honored to have become the ‘girlfriend’ of this extraordinary child. She frequently accompanies her aunt to her chemotherapy appointments at Mass General and is full of smiles and hugs whenever she visits us. Instead of being afraid of doctors, nurses and hospitals, she views us as allies in keeping her aunt well.

Annabelle has maturity and heart that far exceeds her young age. She is proud to be one of the youngest warriors against breast cancer and one of the youngest philanthropists. Annabelle Rie is an inspiration and a role model to everyone, young or old.

              —Beverly Moy, MD