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The one hundred honoree: Amir T. Fathi, MD

Profile in Medicine

The one hundred honoree: Amir T. Fathi, MD

Mass General Giving

In 2011, when Len Bateman became a patient of Amir Fathi, MD, a medical oncologist in the Mass General Cancer Center, his leukemia diagnosis was complex. Although he was not a candidate for a bone marrow transplant, Dr. Fathi patiently explained Len’s options to him and his wife, Margaret. Margaret says, “Dr. Fathi helped us digest an enormous amount of information that was foreign to us. He gave us his undivided attention explaining and answering our many questions in his kind, supportive manner.”

Although Len eventually lost his battle with leukemia, Margaret credits Dr. Fathi’s remarkable dedication and extensive experience with lengthening Len’s life by almost two years. Dr. Fathi helped to guide them through treatment for Len’s leukemia as well as complications he experienced after being diagnosed with lung disease. Dr. Fathi also worked closely with colleagues in other departments to monitor and treat a complex infection.

Dr. Fathi’s care was so comprehensive that Len was even able to enjoy a period of remission prior to his passing. During this time, Dr. Fathi continued as his oncologist and warmly greeted him at every visit with a “Hello, friend,” always bringing a smile to Len’s face. Dr. Fathi’s kindness and skill helped Len and his family cope with the ups and downs of this difficult diagnosis.