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The one hundred honoree: Amber Fernandez

Donor Story

The one hundred honoree: Amber Fernandez

Mass General Giving

We are often reminded of the fragility of life and what a true gift it is–how we must honor it with a true, honest, giving and impactful existence. From a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia to a life of a happy and healthy seventh grader, Amber Fernandez is an inspiration to all those facing their own journey with cancer.

After her diagnosis at the age of seven, Amber underwent a bone marrow transplant provided by her little brother Benjamin, and has now been cancer-free for five years. An active middle school student, she is involved in the National Charity League and competes on the swim team. In addition, she makes jewelry as a hobby, and sells those items with 100% of the proceeds directly benefiting cancer research. This desire to help is just part of the continuing commitment that Amber and her family have made to raising funds for vital research.

During Amber’s first year of treatment, her family began the Amber Fernandez Benefit Concert to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. To date, Amber and her family have held five benefit concerts, raising more than $200,000. While undergoing treatment, Amber drew several pieces of art that were auctioned for charity. She has also teamed up with Phoenix Children’s Hospital to create holiday cards. She supports several Leukemia & Lymphoma Society events held in the Tucson community.

“Our family could not be more proud of her accomplishments,” says her father, Benjamin. “We can’t dwell on the past, but only focus on the moment. We will continue to make a difference for all those affected by cancer and will work relentlessly to advance and support an ultimate cure for cancer.”