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Apply to Join the 2022 Marathon Team

Apply to run the 126th Boston Marathon® as part of the Mass General Marathon Team. Combine your passion for running with a commitment to raising critical funds for Mass General. Special thanks to our lead sponsor John Hancock, we are now recruiting runners for runners for the Mass General Team supporting Pediatric Cancer, Emergency Medicine, and Home Base programs.

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Please note you must be 18 years of age by race day to participate.

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The B.A.A. has announced that all 2022 Boston Marathon® participants will need to be vaccinated in order to participate in the 126th Boston Marathon to be held on April 18, 2022. Do you agree to provide proof of your vaccination status to Mass General and the Boston Athletic Association? (required)

You can read the B.A.A.'s full press release here.*

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Tell us about your fundraising plan and how you will meet your fundraising goal. Additionally, please tell us what separates you from other fundraisers. Preference will be given to those with a comprehensive plan. (i.e., Donations from coworkers: $500; Proceeds from bake sale fundraiser: $300; Matching gift from employer: $1,000) (required)

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