The Runway Ten fashion show on March 29, 2012, at Copley Place celebrated cancer survivors, who walked the runway with their physicians and nurses. The colorful show, hosted by Neiman Marcus for the Mass General Cancer Center, enabled the participants to remind the crowd that the patient care and research taking place at the Cancer Center ensures that patients and their families can live long, happy and healthy lives after treatment.

“[At Mass General] we understand it’s not just about treating a disease … it’s about caring for people,” said Debbie Burke, RN, MSN, MBA, associate chief nurse of the Cancer Center.

Jeremy Abramson, MD, director of the Center for Lymphoma, walked with Melissa Casteel and her son, Mac. Melissa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 29 when she was seven months pregnant. Dr. Abramson was one of the first people to hold Melissa’s healthy baby boy. Melissa began treatment three days after giving birth and today, “Dr. Jeremy,” as Mac calls him, is a special part of their family.

One trio was all Mass General. Kerting Laurent, a biomedical engineer at Mass General, took to the runway with two physicians who helped him beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma: Kevin Raskin, MD, orthopaedic oncology surgeon, and Ephraim Hochberg, MD, oncologist.