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Aspire Gala Post Event

You Helped Make the 2024 Aspire Spring Gala Kaleidoscopic!

The 2024 Aspire Spring Gala held on April 4, 2024 was an exciting and inspiring evening — over 700 friends gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston to celebrate and strengthen the Aspire program, and more than $2.6 million was raised for Aspire! The theme of this year’s gala honored the many differences within the autism community, reinforcing how individuality is what makes our world and society so special.

The success of the evening would not have been possible without you. Your generosity and commitment ensure we can continue to offer this important program to participants of all ages and their families. We look forward to seeing you next year on April 10, at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston.

For information about how to sponsor the 2025 Aspire Spring Gala please contact Samantha Finlayson at

Better Together

Aspire helps children, teens and adults with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder and Asperger profiles develop the skills necessary to be successful in their communities and workplaces. Aspire partnered with Pulitzer Prize nominated poet Joseph Fasano to write a special poetry prompt just for Aspire participants. Nearly 40 participants submitted responses to help create the “community poem” brought to life in this video. “Better Together” shows that the world is a better place when every voice can be heard, valued and encouraged.

Capturing an Amazing Energy

Woman playing with child

About Aspire

Aspire specializes in helping children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum achieve success. Aspire’s unique programming is uniquely designed to help participants with Asperger profiles develop social competency skills so they can succeed at home, school, work and in community settings.

Many Aspire participants have challenges with stress management, anxiety, social communication, attention, organization or demonstrate sensory differences. Aspire’s therapeutic curriculum focuses on teaching important life skills — to improve every individual’s self-awareness, social competence and stress management. This approach not only allows staff to provide individualized coaching and support “in the moment,” but also ensures an ideal environment for participants to learn new skills while feeling accepted and valued for their strengths and unique qualities.

As an organization dedicated to serving individuals with autism, Aspire is steadfast in promoting neurodiversity and inclusion across settings. Aspire provides an array of consultation and support services designed to educate and broaden the understanding of the unique strengths and needs of this population. Through parent and caregiver programs, school-based consultation, professional development services and corporate neurodiversity trainings, Aspire supports their participants and the ASD community, where they live, learn and work.

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Aspire helps children, teens and adults with autism spectrum disorder and Asperger profiles make social connections and develop independence. Please support us with a donation.

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