Since opening in 1988, the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center has been consistently ranked among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Driving that success is an unparalleled commitment to compassionate care and innovative research. Through a powerful synergy between laboratory scientists and bedside physicians, the Mass General Cancer Center fosters innovation in all phases of cancer research.

If your organization is interested in cancer-related sponsorship opportunities, the Mass General Cancer Center invites you to partner in some exciting and innovative initiatives.

Changing How We Fight Cancer

The Mass General Cancer Center is a leader in personalized medicine, early-detection technologies and innovative supportive care. Discoveries made at Mass General benefit cancer patients worldwide.

  • We are a pioneer in the field of targeted cancer therapies – or personalized medicine – with groundbreaking discoveries in lung cancer, melanoma and breast cancer, among others.
  • We developed the circulating tumor cell (CTC) chip, an innovative nanotechnology with applications for early cancer detection and treatment monitoring.
  • Our surgeons and radiation oncologists developed minimally invasive surgical procedures, intraoperative radiation therapy and proton therapy for the treatment and cure of localized cancer.
  • Our supportive care research team established the link between early palliative care and longer survival for patients with cancer.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Current sponsorship opportunities include:

Help Us Transform the Future of Cancer Care

Cancer impacts all of us: 1-in-2 men and 1-in-3 women will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. The Mass General Cancer Center offers unique opportunities for companies to engage and partner with the best physicians and scientists in the world to advance cancer research and care. Becoming a corporate sponsor means not only touching the lives of the patients we see every day, but also helping to transform the future of cancer care in New England and worldwide.

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