Merit E. Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, Director of the ALS Program and Chief of Neurology, James M. Berry, MD, Co-Director of the ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic, Stephen Winthrop and M. Jane Williamson at the announcement of the Winthrop Family Scholar Fund.

Stephen Winthrop and M. Jane Williamson fervently believe that ALS is not incurable, but rather underfunded. Researchers are more hopeful than ever before that an effective treatment is within our grasp. Your generosity will help thousands of people whose lives are impacted by ALS. Make a gift.

Why did Stephen and Jane set up the Winthrop Family Scholar Fund in ALS Research at Mass General?

  • The Mass General ALS team sponsors and participates in more clinical trials than any other hospital in the world. Truly, the hub of breakthrough research for ALS is at Mass General, here in Boston (jokingly known as “the Hub of the Universe” by its inhabitants).
  • Knowing that time is of the essence to find a treatment for ALS, and knowing that any single geographic area has a limited number of patients to participate in any study, the Mass General team is dedicated to collaborative research, translating scientific breakthroughs from the labs of the Mass General Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease and from across the Harvard system.The ALS team also collaborates with other researchers around the globe, sharing biofluid samples and research results long before publication.
  • Studies have shown that clinical researchers spend 40% of their working hours trying to obtain funding for their research. Stephen and Jane want this fund to eliminate as much of that time as possible, to allow the clinicians and researchers to do what they do best: treat patients and work on a cure! The Winthrop family is thrilled that Dr. James M. Berry, Co-Director of the ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic at Mass General, is the first Winthrop Family Scholar in ALS Research.

How will my tax-deductible gift to the Winthrop Family Scholar Fund in ALS Research be used?

  1. Basic scientific research at the lab level.
  2. Translational research, i.e. translating lab level findings to pre-clinical trials in patients.
  3. Clinical trials with ALS patients, both observational and interventional.
To learn more about how you can support the Winthrop Family Scholar Fund in ALS Research, please Contact Krista McCabe in the Mass General Development Office at or 617.726.1392.