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Genetics may hold the key to better treatments for children.

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Genetics play a large role in neurological disease in children because many disorders that affect the way the brain develops and functions have genetic roots. In the Pediatric Neurology Division we work across 11 subspecialties, including Autism, Epilepsy, Learning disabilities, Leukodystrophies, Movement Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Neonatal, Neurogenetics, Neuromuscular, Sleep and Stroke to understand and treat children with neurological diseases.

With your support, Mass General can explore effective ways to use gene therapy to treat neurological diseases before they get started.

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Host a community fundraising event or run a fundraising campaign and change the future for children suffering from neurological diseases. We rely on you to help fund critically important research that can solve the devastating impact of brain diseases in children. Start your fundraising campaign for children suffering from neurological diseases. Create a fundraising page in just 5 minutes. Learn more.

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For questions and more information about how you can support the Pediatric Neurology Division at Mass General, please contact Heather MacLean or call 617.726.2200.

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