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2019: The Year of NMO

The MGH NMO Clinic and Research Laboratory is staffed by a team of specialized clinicians, and researchers dedicated to providing the finest quality of care today, while working tirelessly toward tomorrow’s cure for NMO and MOG spectrum disorders and related diseases. The NMO Clinic at MGH is the first home in New England for patients with rare immune disorders of the central nervous system – they are not an afterthought in our clinic.

Here, you can expect to see physicians who work at the vanguard of their fields. You might participate in a clinical trial. You could join us in increasing awareness about your particular disease. And you may find community with others who suffer from similar ailments.

Clinical Care

Our clinicians are dedicated to providing the very best in patient care. Because our physicians are themselves intimately involved in advancing the field of neuroimmunology, they are able to offer more options than ever before to patients with NMO and MOG spectrum disorders. They work closely with families to provide personalized medications and therapeutic courses of action.

We care for many patients each year, some who circle the globe to visit us—coming from across the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


The NMO Laboratory focuses on all aspects of demyelinating disease – diagnosis, treatment options, cutting-edge clinical trials, brain imaging, and basic science – always with patient concerns informing our choices. To arrive at appropriate therapies, researchers must have tools – animal models, stem cells, cellular and biomarker reagents – for drug screening. Our collaborative team works together to generate these core tools, train young investigators, identify promising research approaches, and evaluate progress.

We conduct the research and clinical studies in our state-of-the-art neuroimmunology laboratory across the Charles River from the hospital, and participate with industry in clinical trials of new and repurposed drugs to treat NMO and MOG spectrum disorders and related diseases.

Building Awareness

In addition to our work in the Clinic and the Research Laboratory, all of us are involved in raising awareness about the rare autoimmune disorders that we treat. We offer professional development opportunities to those in the medical field. We partner with other providers to educate patients, families, and caregivers about all aspects of their diseases. We offer support and networking opportunities. We collaborate with a number of non-profit foundations as well as industry to raise the profile of NMO and MOG. And we work with patients to educate professionals and the public at large about the realities of living with chronic and often invisible diseases.

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Please support the NMO Clinic and Research Laboratory in providing outstanding personal care, raising awareness, and finding improved treatments and ultimately, a cure.

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