Help advance research and care for neuroinfectious diseases

Under the direction of Shibani Mukerji, MD, PhD, the Mukerji Lab for Neuroinfectious Diseases examines neurological complications related to an array of infectious diseases including HIV, encephalitis, meningitis, and COVID-19. Dr. Mukerji’s research aims to identify novel biomarkers of neurologic implications in patients with chronic infections and develop advanced diagnosis and treatment strategies for neuroinfectious diseases. Using a multidisciplinary approach to understand each patient’s case, Dr. Mukerji and her team are at the forefront of innovative science that will bring new understanding and improved quality of life to patients struggling with these conditions.

As the COVID-19 outbreak develops, Dr. Mukerji has also expanded her research to study neurologic complications of the novel coronavirus. There is significant interest in understanding both the acute neurologic symptoms in patients presenting to hospitals with severe cases and in long-term impact on brain health.

Your support helps the Mukerji Lab articulate the complex interactions between infectious diseases and the brain, accelerate research into the underlying factors of neurologic complications from infectious diseases, and translate promising findings into more effective therapies. Philanthropy also provides crucial resources for an interdisciplinary clinical care program tailored to the unique concerns of our patient population.

If you have questions or would like more information about the work Dr. Mukerji is leading, please contact Elizabeth Barberio in MGH Development at Thank you for your partnership.

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