Hurricane Victims Need Your Help

The Emergency Response Fund was established to support Massachusetts General Hospital’s immediate response to devastating events like the hurricanes that recently battered Texas, Florida and the Caribbean. Your generous support is critical in times like this.

As Houston reels from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Florida struggles to clean up from Hurricane Irma, the Caribbean confronts a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions from Hurricane Maria. Disaster response professionals from Massachusetts General Hospital are engaged in relief efforts in these hard-hit areas, and more are on the way.

One Mass General team just returned from a two-week deployment in Texas, where staff provided care at Houston’s San Jose Clinic, a safety-net clinic providing medical services to those who struggle the most with accessing care. Although the flood waters have receded, Houston’s healthcare infrastructure was battered by the storm and faces significant challenges in the months ahead.

Mass General disaster responders are also on the ground in Florida and Puerto Rico. And with various other Caribbean islands grappling with shortages of food and water as well as catastrophic damage to their healthcare systems, Mass General teams are on alert for additional deployments.

Support Mass General’s Lifesaving Work

Your donation will be used to provide social services support for victims and families of disasters and will support emergency care, disaster relief and disaster preparedness training. The Emergency Response Fund will also support Mass General employees and their families who were most affected by Mexico’s earthquake and the storms in Puerto Rico and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

We thank you for your generosity in helping those so in need of help and support in the wake of these devastating storms.

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