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A diagnosis of epilepsy in childhood can be frightening for families, but higher quality imaging tools are allowing neurologists to get a better understanding of where and how the brain’s electrical signals malfunction.

A gift to the Chu Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital will allow Dr. Catherine Chu and her team to invest in advanced imaging studies, data analysis and equipment to find the answer to these questions.

  • Benign epilepsy of childhood: This condition, which often resolves itself as the child ages and the brain develops, offers a unique opportunity for understanding epilepsy. Advanced imaging tools allow neurologists to study the specific source of the seizures and reveal features that increase seizure risk and help with remission. A gift of $5,000 will cover the cost of a cap that’s used to track a patient’s brain signals.
  • Neonatal epilepsy: Newborns and young children are disproportionally affected by neonatal seizures. But the cause and impact of these seizures remains a mystery. Working with the MGH/HST Martino Center for Biomedical Imaging, Dr. Chu’s team would like to analyze data gathered on a large population to develop a more precise protocol for therapeutic treatments.
  • Advanced EEG: Mass General is at the forefront of imaging tools and techniques, but the challenge now is to map the new signals to the anatomy. Funding is needed to marry this advanced technology to the expertise of neurophysiologists in order to pinpoint the location of seizure onset and help with epilepsy surgery planning in challenging cases. Your gift will help us develop the tools to focus our treatment exactly where it’s needed.

Many of the elements of Dr. Chu’s research are not covered by insurance and rely on philanthropy to move forward. Partnerships with philanthropic patients, families and friends will allow advances in the laboratory and directly benefit epilepsy patients.

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