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Support the ALS House Call Program

The ALS House Call program centers care around the lives of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in a new way – by providing specialized care for people in their homes. It reduces the burden of care for people with ALS and allows providers, people with ALS, and families to tailor care plans to the home environment, improve care planning and optimize uptake of interventions.

The members of the multidisciplinary ALS clinic team at Mass General know that by working with people with ALS and their families we can innovate care delivery, remove barriers, improve outcomes, and build a better healthcare system.

Donate to the ALS House Call Program today and have an immediate impact on the lives of people with ALS. Thank you!

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For questions and more information about how you can support the ALS House Call Program, please contact Krista McCabe at 617.726.1392.

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