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Volunteer at United Way

Touching lives at Mass General and throughout the greater Boston community.

Volunteer Opportunities with United Way

    Advancing an Economically Just Region

    United Way of Massachusetts Bay exists to build more equitable communities, together. With over 85 years of local impact in eastern Massachusetts, we work with and for our communities to build economic prosperity and enable everyone–across races and ethnicities–to share in the knowledge, wealth, and resources available. We believe that the key to unlocking opportunity is uniting people, and we bring together individuals, community leaders, corporate partners, legislators, and organizations to build a powerful engine of change.

    What does it take to make an impact that stands the test of time? You.

    No organization is better equipped than United Way to connect volunteers to the needs in our communities. Whether you represent a company looking for unique and rewarding team-building activities and you want a great fit for your social responsibility platform or you’re an individual desiring to make a difference, United Way has something special in store.

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