David M. Nathan, MD

David M. Nathan, M.D.
David M. Nathan, M.D.

Director, Diabetes Center and Clinical Research Center
Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

David M. Nathan, MD, is a professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Clinical Research Center and Diabetes Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. His major research focus is the study and development of new methods to normalize glucose metabolism in diabetes mellitus and the long-term consequences of such therapy. He was one of the architects of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial and currently co-chairs its long-term follow-up, the Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications Study. He is the chairman of the multi-center NIH Diabetes Prevention Program and the GRADE Comparative Effectiveness Study of Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Nathan has chaired the International Expert Committee on the diagnosis of diabetes and the International Consensus Committee on the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Having authored more than 500 publications, chapters and books, Dr. Nathan is an internationally recognized expert on diabetes and its treatment and complications. He was awarded the Outstanding Clinician Award by the American Diabetes Association in 2002 and the National Institute of Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Disease Distinguished Scientist Award in 2010.